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    Love Addiction VS. Sex Addiction

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Addiction is a brain disorder that affects your ability to exercise self control. The most common forms of addiction include drugs, alcohol, love, and sex. Are you or a loved one suffering from an addiction? Before you contact your drug rehabilitation or alcohol rehabilitation center, consider the difference between love addiction and sex addiction.

    What is Love Addiction?

    An individual suffering from love addiction is often driven by the desire for security and acceptance, which stems from an underlying fear of healthy intimacy or abandonment. These individuals are usually attracted to other obsessive compulsive personalities who appear strong or stable from the outside.

    Common Behaviors: Those suffering from love addiction often line up their next relationship before ending their current one, constantly looking for the next best thing. It is also not uncommon for a love addict to idealize or obsess about their partner, seeing a fantasy version rather than the truth. While love addicts are motivated by different factors than sex addicts, love addicts often use affairs and sex as a form of revenge. One of the biggest problems with love addiction is that an individual’s sense of self is dependent on their relationship status and ability to feel loved.

    What is Sex Addiction?

    Sex addicts are often driven by the desire for validation, erotic highs, distraction, or that one sexual encounter that will heal their internal wounds. Often attracted to good looking or “hot” individuals who fulfill a personal fantasy, sex addicts use physical validation from others in order to boost their self-esteem.

    Common Behaviors:

     Sex addicts usually form relationships with mentally codependent addicts that feel the need to “rescue” their partners. Individuals with sexual addiction also use impersonal or casual sex as a means of instant gratification; however, this can only lead to superficial, non-intimate relationships that bottom out and force the addict towards additional self-destructive behavior. 

    Are you showing signs of love or sex addiction? Counselors with the Astoria Point alcohol rehabilitation center provide the treatment programs and services for your needs. For program details, admissions, locations, or to contact a counselor, visit our website today!


    Drugs and Addiction: What Is the Difference Between Drug Dependency and Addiction?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Addiction occurs when your body becomes physically dependent on a drug or substance, meaning that addiction and dependency are one in the same.

    In this video from, practicing therapist Dr. David Thomas discusses the way dependency and addiction affects our brain chemistry. The longer you use a drug or substance, the more your body begins to crave it; this craving ultimately turns into a need rather than a desire. How can you determine the difference between need and desire? Find out with this full clip.  

    Whether you are suffering from drug or alcohol dependence, the medical professionals with the Astoria Pointe drug rehabilitation center provide the services for your needs. For programs, services, admissions, locations, or to schedule a consultation, visit our website today! 


    Alcohol Detox: What You Should Know!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Alcoholism is a debilitating disease that affects nearly 17.6 million adults nationwide. The four main symptoms of alcoholism include cravings, change in tolerance, loss of control, and physical dependence. Alcoholism can be extremely dangerous and increase the risk of cancer and liver disease. Are you or someone you know suffering from alcoholism? Before you contact your alcohol rehab facility, consider alcohol detoxification and what you should know.

    What is Detoxification?

    Detoxification refers to the process of cleaning or neutralizing body toxins that come from our diet, environmental exposure, alcohol, or drug use. Fats, free radicals, and other internal molecules can also act as toxins. Alcohol detoxification often results in severe withdrawal symptoms, including

    • Anxiety and irritability.
    • Depression.
    • Rapid emotional changes.
    • Insomnia.
    • Sweating.
    • Loss of appetite.
    • Nausea and vomiting.

    In some cases, alcohol withdrawal may also result in deliria, visual hallucinations, seizures, and heart attack.

    Alcohol Detoxification Process

    The first step of the alcohol detox process is for the patient to stop drinking and clear all of the alcohol from their body; however, this process can be extremely dangerous or fatal for alcohol dependent individuals and should be monitored by a drug rehab or rehab center.  After the first few days of withdrawal, patients will begin a focused diet of fluids and alkaline foods, such as water, diluted fruit and vegetable juices, teas, light proteins, and amino acids. L-glutamine may also be a beneficial supplement for individuals undergoing detox therapy, as it has been shown to reduce the cravings for alcohol. Many alcohol rehabilitation clinics also use intravenous (IV) therapy to provide extra vitamin C, B, calcium, magnesium, and potassium for struggling patients.

    The longer you wait to seek treatment, the harder detoxification will be on your body. If you are suffering from alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal, then the medical professionals with the Astoria Point drug rehabilitation center can provide the services for your needs. For programs, counseling services, locations, or to schedule a consultation, visit our website today!


    Take Our Quiz!

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Please, take this quiz to evaluate yourself. It will help you get to the Pointe. It's a simple 20 question quiz that will help determine if you do have a drug or alcohol problem. Each score will help determine how severe your problem is. 

    If you are concerned about yourself  after taking this quiz, contact the professionals at Astoria Pointe.  Our mission is to provide chemically dependent men to choose a healthier lifestyle.  Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers aren't an instant cure, but treatment is often the first step towards a better, sober life.



    The Importance of Gender Specific Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The process of addiction often varies greatly between men and women, as do the methods to treat the chemical dependency. Drug rehabilitation centers tailored specifically to each gender can provide a more comfortable atmosphere for beginning the process of recovery.

    Men and women have different stressors and struggles in life, and often deal with things differently emotionally. A rehab center should recognize and reflect these differences.  Some benefits to gender-specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation are:

    • The lack of sexual tension/attraction. While in recovery, a person's focus should be completely on getting healthy and sober. Often times, the presence of the opposite sex can end up distracting the client from truly focusing on cleaning up. Starting a relationship while in recovery is typically not recommended for the success of recovery.
    • Different emotional issues. While no one issue is relegated to either gender, it is common for many women battling addiction to have self-image problems or a history of sexual abuse that they need to work through. Men may be dealing with low self-esteem and inferiority issues, or the pressure of supporting a family.
    • A feeling of safety. While living with the opposite sex during treatment is not a dangerous aspect of alcohol or drug rehabilitation, gender-specific rehab centers provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere that may allow the patients to open up more easily. With a recovery environment focusing on just one gender it is easier for patients to express themselves and talk openly about their problems.

    If you or someone in your life is struggling with addiction and may need help from an alcohol rehab or drug rehab center, let us at Astoria Pointe help.

    Our two separate, gender-specific facilities offer an exceptional program based primarily on the 12-step program that has been successful for so many in recovery. Our rehab centers provide a safe atmosphere for men and women alike. Contact us soon to get the help you need. 


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