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    Article Resources for the Addiction and Recovery Process

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Addiction recovery is a difficult process, but it can be made easier with help from the right rehabilitation program. To find out more information about addiction and recovery, follow the links in the resources below. 

    Call Astoria Pointe in Astoria at (503) 298-4393 to learn more about our rehabilitation programs.

    Alcohol Rehabilitation App for 12-Step Recovery

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The 12-step recovery system is a tried-and-true rehabilitation method that helps addiction sufferers lead a normal, sober life. This 12-Step Recovery app from iPhone makes an excellent resource for people going through the process of alcohol rehabilitation.

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    With this app, you can keep track of you sobriety progress, review your motivation for staying sober, have access to inspirational quotes and materials, and so much more. It’s a perfect complement to your group meetings and counseling.

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    • 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous 1
    • 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous 2
    • 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous 4
    • 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous 3
    • 12 Step Recovery Sober Living For Alcoholics Anonymous 5

    If you need drug or alcohol rehab, contact Astoria Pointe. We also have rehab centers just for women at The Rosebriar. Call (503) 298-4393 for more information.

    Understanding the Science of Addiction

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A common misconception about drug and alcohol addiction is that it is a voluntary choice that can be stopped at any time. The truth is that these substances create a very real chemical, biological hold over the addict, making it very difficult for that person to refrain from using these substances without help from drug rehabilitation programs. Keep reading to learn more about the science of addiction.
    How Addiction Forms
    A person may experiment with various drugs or alcohol out of curiosity, to try to feel good, or to perform better. With repeated use, chemical changes begin to occur in the brain, changing its structure and function. As these changes progress, the individual may begin to need more or higher doses of the substance in order to feel normal, making what was initially a voluntary choice a physical “need.”
    Why Addiction Occurs in Some People and Not Others
    Various physical, emotional, genetic, and environmental factors all come together to determine whether a person will develop a chemical dependence on drugs or alcohol. The earlier an individual experiments with illicit substances, the greater the chance that addiction will occur. The type of substance used will also help to determine the risk level of developing addiction, as some substances cause more drastic chemical changes than others.
    How Addiction is Treated
    Alcohol and drug rehabilitation begins with a detoxification process. In order to eliminate the dependence on a substance, it must first be flushed from the body. After that, an extensive psychological healing process is necessary to help the individual cope with the feeling of needing a foreign substance. This is a delicate process, and that is why professional drug or alcohol rehab programs are so important for successful recovery.
    If you or a loved one is suffering from substance dependence, then it is important to get help as soon as possible. Call Astoria Pointe for men or The Rosebriar for women at (503) 298-4393 to learn about our rehab centers and programs.

    An Overview of Your Treatment at Astoria Pointe

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The decision to enter drug rehab or alcohol rehab is one that requires a lot of strength and courage, and it is one that will benefit you for the rest of your life. It is crucial, however, that you research the rehab centers in your area in order to choose the one that is right for your needs. When you choose Astoria Pointe for your treatment, you’ll find only the best in care, dignity, and respect. 
    • Complete Evaluation of History and Needs - Addiction is a very personal experience and recovery from addiction must also be personal. We will assess your current health, type of addiction, and personal background in order to start you on the drug or alcohol rehabilitation process that will work best for you. Our doctors and staff are skilled and caring, and will always put your needs first.
    • Involvement with Friends and Family - Addiction is not something that you go through alone. Whether it is intentional or not, addiction affects the people in your life, especially those closest to you. These people are therefore a critical part of the healing process. We encourage friends and family to lend support to you and to learn how addiction works so that you can all heal together.
    • The Process of Rehabilitation - Drug or alcohol rehab programs can last 30, 60, or 90 days, with options for extended care and aftercare also available. You’ll learn and move through the 12 steps of recovery, participate in group sessions and recreational activities, and have access to individual counseling from our specialists. We’ll be with you every step of the way through the detox process, and we’ll help you learn how to reenter your life as you recover from your addiction.
    At Astoria Pointe for men and The Rosebriar for women, we offer the drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs you need to conquer your addictions and get your life back. If you think you need help, please don’t hesitate to call us at (503) 298-4393 today.

    The Truth about Opiate Addiction

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The association many people make with opiate addicts being “junkies” has been falsely ascribed. If you or someone you love struggles with a heroin or other opiate addiction, you know that most opiate users do not laze around all day, simply waiting for their “fix” so that they can lie down again. To find out more about what makes opiates so addictive in the first place, check out this educational video clip.

    In this video, you will learn about natural opioid receptors that are present in every human. When stimulated by opiates, these receptors motivate users to be productive. As a user becomes dependent on this opioid stimulation, an addiction develops.

    Are you seeking a residential rehabilitation clinic in the Pacific Northwest where you or your loved one can find peace on the road to addiction recovery? If so, Astoria Pointe or The Rosebriar may be the ideal rehab center for you. Call (503) 298-4394 to learn more about our effective drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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